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Last added Downloads
  Export Part Configurations as DXF  Popular
Description: Description: Macro to export part configuration as DXF with configuration name as file name.
Pre-conditions: Any active part file with minimum one configuration
Post-conditions: Inspect the Message Window for the location of exported DXF drawings containing Front annotation view
Also included a sample file.

Deepak Gupta
Version: 1
Filesize: 115.16 KB
Added on: 12-Aug-2012
Downloads: 2052
Category: Macros (VB6) / Part Macros
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  Toggle Selection of Hidden Edges  Popular
Description: Macro to toggle Selection of hidden edges under SoldiWorks Options.
Deepak Gupta
Version: 1
Filesize: 7.25 KB
Added on: 12-Aug-2012
Downloads: 1497
Category: Macros (VB6) / Settings and Display Preferences
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  SolidWorks World 2012 advanced customization techniques  Popular
Description: This presentation was updated for SolidWorks 2012 and presented at SolidWorks World 2012. It provides overview exposure to a variety of customizable areas within SolidWorks: Tags, Mouse Gestures, Shortcut Bars, Search Commands, Sheet Metal Gage Tables, Hole Wizard holes, Hole Callout Format File, and Symbols.

Matthew Lorono
Open fullsized Screenshot
Version: 2
Filesize: 2.64 MB
Added on: 10-Mar-2012
Downloads: 2827
Category: Supplemental SW Files and Programs / Presentations Material
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